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Environmental services

Rapid Urbanization and consumer behavior has led to exponential increase in waste generation. The magnitude of waste has led to serious problems for many countries, as managing waste in an environmentally sound and financially feasible manner is becoming a major objective for municipalities and most urban developers.
The traditional concept of burning has been replaced with landfilling or burial. However, this has given rise to other negative impacts such as groundwater contamination, constant fires, odor and insects. However, waste needs to be managed in an integrated manner not partially and give waste reduction utmost priority than disposal.


Waste Management Services

Marafeq Qatar provides integrated waste management solutions and services for residential areas and industrial projects in order to support the Qatar National Development Strategy in achieving its goals and objectives of waste management.


Scope of Work

  • Waste Research Studies in relative of Waste Classification and Quantities.
  • Waste Management Strategy - comprehensive strategies for cities planners and developers, industries, commercial and institutional establishments, etc.
  • Waste Collection, Haulage and Street Cleaning.
  • Recycling and Recovery.
  • Transfer Station operations.
  • Landfill design, construction and operations.

Pneumatic Waste Collection (PWC)

PWC simply means using air to move Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) from buildings into a central location through a piping network.
Waste load stations are located in every building or public area. These waste load stations are connected to a PWC piping infrastructure network. The PWC pipes are finally terminated in the Central Waste Plant Room.
All waste thrown into the load station is temporary stored below the feeding inlet. When the waste level switch is activated or when preset time is reached, the PWC system will start automatically to pull and unload all waste to the central plant room.
Within the plant there will be exhaust fans to create a vacuum in the piping network to transport waste. Waste is separated from the air stream and the exhaust air is filtered before exhausting out back to the environment.
In the final stage a compactor will compress waste in the container which will reduce waste amount then less Municipal waste trucks will be used to collect MWS from a central location.


System Advantages

  1. PWC system can remove MSW automatically 24/7.
  2. Remain better aesthetics for cities as the waste plant located away from high density area with less truck will move around for waste collection.
  3. No more MSW open bins on the roads and less labor.
  4. Less traffic as less waste trucks on the road,
  5. Healthy environment as no more bad smells and from waste trucks.
  6. Less space required for truck maneuvering between buildings.
  7. Better security for VIP areas as waste trucks do not need to enter high security zone.