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Lusail Development

Project overview

Lusail City is where the Art of Real Estate comes to life and best illustrates our values and commitment to the communities served by Qatari Diar.
Lusail City is the largest single development to be undertaken in the State of Qatar created by Qatari Diar Company. It embodies Qatar’s National Vision 2030 in the field of real estate development.
The city of the future boasts a light rail network, a water taxi transportation system, cycle and pedestrian network. Construction work on the 38 square kilometer, progressive world-class development is well underway.
More than 200,000 residents will live in Lusail’ s scenic surroundings, with 170,000 people expected to work in the city’s different districts, and 80,000 expected to visit its entertainment and recreation facilities. Lusail City’s 19 districts will encompass not only new residential, commercial, hospitality, and retail opportunities, but a full array of community needs, complete with schools, mosques, medical facilities, sport, entertainment and shopping centers.


District Cooling System

The Lusail City district cooling system will supply chilled water to end users through an integrated network with a connected cooling of 500,000 Tons of Refrigeration by utilizing multiple chiller plants which are Marina, Wadi, West and North. This will be one of the largest district cooling systems in the world.


Solid Waste Management (Traditional and Pneumatic)

Marafeq Qatar´s waste management strategy for Lusail is developed based on Qatar National Development Strategy and international standards of sustainable aimed to develop economic, social, and human and environment sustainable.
 It has been planned to construct Four Pneumatic Waste Collection plants at Lusail project which are the Marina, Seef North, Seef South and Boulevard Commercial.
These plants will transport municipal solid waste from buildings to the central location through an infrastructure piping network with capacity of 150 tons/day of the municipal solid waste.

Marafeq Qatar with its emphasis on implementing systems that support source segregation will ensure the diversion of wastes from landfills and also recovery of valuable recyclables from the waste stream.

Gas Distribution System

The gas network in Lusail City will serve residential, commercial and hospitality developments. At a primary stage, the gas farm will supply Synthetic Natural Gas to the network until Natural Gas becomes available. The total gas farm tanks capacity is around 800 m³ of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) which is equivalent to 2400 m³ of Natural Gas.