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Sustainable and Environmental Friendly Designs

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Gas fuel will be delivered direct to your homes or commercial businesses



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Marafeq Qatar developed environmentally sustainable solutions with cost efficiencies to provide high technology Cooling systems for residential towers, commercial establishments and entertainment projects. The concept of this system is producing chilled water at a central plant and then piping the water to customers through an underground insulated pipes network.


System values

  • Energy efficient 

  • Reduce Pollution

  • Cost efficiencies

  • Better designing for buildings and more valuable area.

Marafeq Qatar has the excellence in Design Management, Project Management, Operations and Maintenance plants of District Cooling for large-scale of projects as well as installation of pipelines, network and energy transfer stations (ETS).

Assist clients to define early conceptualization of district cooling plant capacity until the successful commercial operation of the over-all chilled water production and distribution network with its economical operation and maintenance.

Performs hydraulic analysis of multiple plants connected within one network and accordingly it will have the ability to predict demand load variations and it impact on system hydraulics.


Scope of Work

  • Preparation of District Cooling Plants Feasibility Studies.

  • Define and prioritize District Cooling requirements for large projects.

  • Preparation of Concept and Detailed Design for District Cooling Plants, Chilled Water Distribution Network, and Energy Transfer Stations ETS.

  • Project Management of over-all District Cooling system.

  • Operation and Maintenance of District Cooling Plants, Chilled Water Distribution Network, and Energy Transfer Stations ETS.

  • Recommend financial modeling and commercial resource planning of District Cooling Plants.

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Marafeq Qatar Developed an integral Gas Distribution system constructed in a large geographical area, to be simply distributed through under-grounded pipelines to the consumers in a safe and reliable process.


Gas fuel will be delivered direct to your homes or commercial businesses.

System Consist of

  • Gas Farm - constructed in the development area – where bulk gas will be stored and delivered to the customer throughout Main Gas Pipelines.

  • Main Gas Pipeline - where the gas will be distributed throughout to the consumers in the development area.

  • Service line - is a takeoff point from the main pipe to supply the gas to residential and commercial consumers including villas, apartments, offices, hotels, restaurants and hospitals.

  • Pressure Reducing and Metering station - will be connected to the gas service line. The outlet of this station will be connected to consumer internal piping. The station will be used for gas metering and to reduce gas pressure to suitable consumer appliance usage.

System Advantages

  • All aspects of gas distribution activities from planning, engineering, construction to operation and maintenance are adopted.

  • Safety and reliability of gas supply as system designed according to International Acceptable Standards.

  • Stability of gas supply throughout the network.

  • Ensure of pumping the right amount of gas to each customer.

  • Avoid work disconnection as no need for long time to replace empty ordinary gas cylinders.

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Marafeq Qatar provides innovative and sustainable waste/recycling solutions to its clients in the region. 


We provide integrated waste management services for residential units, commercial units, recreation centers, gated-communities, shopping malls, logistic sector, hotels, construction projects etc. We adopt closed-loop approach and it is our mission to divert waste from the landfills at maximum using resource recovery system.


Our vision is to support and compliment the Qatar National Development Strategy which emphasizes on the 3 principles of waste management i.e. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.


Marafeq Qatar has state-of-the-art waste management equipment such Refuse Compaction Vehicle, Hook Lifts, portable compactors etc. Please refer the photo gallery. 


We are also specialized in Pneumatic/Automated Waste Collection System, with the intention to develop and implement latest technologies which will further reduce the environmental impact, Marafeq has developed in-house expertise.


We can develop a strategy for the implementation of the Pneumatic/Automated Waste Collection System including design of the entire system, construction supervision and actual operations.


Our portfolio of specialized services includes;

  • Waste Audit 

  • Waste Classification and Quantities 

  • Preparation of Waste Management Strategy 

  • Waste Collection & Transportation 

  • Recycling 

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